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an invitation to participate in the 7000 humans


7000 HUMANS are co-creating a global field of commitment, presence, action and insight. It takes place on the ground, in the soul and online.


7000 HUMANS embark on a global experiment in communion with 7000 TREES, inviting each tree to become a partner. Other anchor points are created on the planet, or in the minds-eye when a human has no constant or fixed location.


7000 HUMANS is a global warmth-work process that connects thought, heart and will and counters the cold thought that has led to climate crisis, war, racism, colonisation, and an increasingly disconnected technosphere.


7000 HUMANS is about working with questions generated together and explored in yourself, locally with others, and in global online assemblies.


Become one of the 7000 HUMANS who make a commitment that connects inner and outer work. Our collective commitments and the synchronicity of our explorations, amplify an invisible and powerful field of will forces for a living future.

'Enter the field' with your 'sun' on the map

7000 HUMANS | embark on journey together / in the field of transformation and possibility

VIEWING THE MAP / Click a yellow sun on the map. See what each person has shared. Keep clicking as far as you can go. Sometimes a 'sun' that looks a bit bigger and brighter becomes two, three or even ten 'suns' - but only when you zoom right in. This is because a few people are near each other. On the MAP, you can also read about people's tree partners / anchor places, commitments and questions. Commitments, insights and anchor points on the planet that appear on the map, will be available during Phase 4 on SOCIAL HONEY page as a list to view without clicking every sun!


Everyone with a 'sun' on the 7000 HUMANS global map is invited to participate in the 7000 HUMANS 'social honey making' process. [Times and all other details about the Phase 4 process are on the SOCIAL HONEY page].

Making Social Honey - Phase 4 [Oct -Dec 2022] is the culmination of the first one-year cycle of 7000 HUMANS.  In Phase 4 we distill the substance of our work individually and together. It is also the time to better understand and explore the interconnections between three guiding images in 7000 HUMANS: WARMTH WORK, MAKING SOCIAL HONEY and the SOCIAL MYCELIUM. Having gathered individual nectar in Phases 1 and 2 [when we made a commitment, found a question, created an anchor point on the planet], in Phase 3 we began the process of making social honey with others in ‘the hive’ of 14 online and local assemblies.

Following the 14 Global Assemblies [June to Sept 2022], there are three online forums this year for 'making social honey': on 29 October, 19 November and 3 December.  These three workspaces are a way of: a. reflecting on and honouring what we have done so far  b. deepening the 'social honey making' work with the 'connective practice approach'  c. allowing the work done so far to give rise to new initiatives and strengthen existing ones d. continuing to explore ways to overcome any Eurocentric bias and challenges posed by different language cultures, and e. transitioning into 7000 HUMANS 2.0

The three meetings each have a different focus and can stand alone, but they also are a sequence that build on each other. So, it is best to come to all three meetings, although one or two is better than none! If you are registered with a 'sun' on the map, you can soon also add insights to your other data when you login.

We hope you will join us. As you know, the journey is made by travellers, enriched by exchanges with others. 

The ‘social honey’ created in Phase 4 will hopefully nourish and strengthen the evolving global social mycelium: the world wide web of light and commitment that 7000 HUMANS is concerned with. This social honey will also contribute to the form and substance of 7000 HUMANS 2.0



You can continue to REGISTER and PUT YOUR 'SUN' ON THE GLOBAL MAP. Once registered, you will get an email about next steps: how to submit your tree-partner/anchor place, commitment and question using your login password. (See the 'FIND' page where these three actions are explained and how you can share them. Other sub-pages enable you to View and understand more about all aspects of 7000 HUMANS 1.0)

AFTER REGISTERING, when your 'sun' is on the map, you need to LOGIN TO GET THE ZOOM LINK to the online 'Making Social Honey' forums. If you have not yet participated in the other phases we ask you to be respectful of the work done so far, and join first more as a listener-participant.


* SEE BLOG for other news and events.

* 7000 HUMANS NEWSLETTER: REGISTER to receive this. Includes zoom link for Making Social Honey online forums.


We are coming together in this growing global listening, encountering and collective experiment to:

become more aware of and intensify our relationship with trees, other life forms, each other and ourselves

develop new 'organs of perception' and connective, imaginal ways of knowing

develop integrative ways of thinking-together across language-cultures, time zones and other challenges

uncover our commitments and re-think, inhabit and work with questions

create a web of light through activating anchor points and tree partners across the planet

shape 'living future' narratives and creative re-search

enable the emergence of transformative eco-social initiatives

for strengthening the global warmth body; creating a powerful social matrix, a social mycelium, and for making, harvesting & sharing 'social honey' that includes powerful insights and strengthens our 'living future' initiatives.

7000 HUMANS is an arena for working with the will and active imagination to generate social honey and strengthen the humanosphere… 

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