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Phase 1 | 21 December Solstice 2021 - ongoing

Sign up/ register below to become one of the 7000 HUMANS and participate in making 'social honey'.

Join us to co-create this global field of presence, commitment, action and insight: on the ground, in the soul and online. Even as we enter Phase 4 of this first 7000 HUMANS cycle, registration is ongoing. In this Phase [Oct to Dec 2022] we will also be transitioning to 7000 HUMANS 2.0.

7000 HUMANS is a culture of connective practice.

It requires a state of openness to working with questions. With trees. And with each other.

You gift your commitment, your active presence and awareness. 

Becoming one of the 7000 HUMANS is a conscious process: a moment of choice.  

When you register and put your name on the global map you are choosing to enter this field because you resonate with it. 

Enter the field by registering below to embark on your own unique journey of commitment and insight, and to work with others across the planet, creating a global warmth body of commitment and exploration. 

7000 HUMANS is a co-created, global field of active will, deed and devotion

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