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Phase 2 | 21 March Equinox ongoing

HERE YOU CAN DESCRIBE your tree partner/anchor place on the planet, SHARE your commitment and CONTRIBUTE your question. Registration is open and continues through the year...

Submission takes place after finding your tree partner/anchor place, your commitment and your question. Although there is no 'right' way to do this, below we offer some connective ways of seeing and exploring that you might find helpful. 

The tree partner/anchor places across the planet anchor us to create the warmth-body.

The 7000 COMMITMENTS create an invisible but powerful field of will forces.

All the questions shared create the substance to explore together.

The tree partner/anchor place on the planet creates somewhere in the world, or within you, to return to for inspiration as often as you like. If it's a place, you can also take others.

The commitment you share could be a newly discovered intention or describe a new understanding of something you already do. 

The question you uncover and contribute creates the substance for the 'working-with-questions' journey to explore and discover new insights, understandings and shift paradigms.


With your submission you share your tree partner/anchor place, commitment, question, and insight on the 7000 HUMANS MAP

The submission phase opens on 21 March Equinox and is ongoing. The tree partner/place and commitment can be submitted at any time until the end of 2022. [See FAQs 2 and 25, if it isn't possible to partner with a tree, or create a local anchor point]

The description of your tree partner/anchor place, your commitment, your question and now also an insight about the 7000 HUMANS field, will automatically be shown with your 'sun' on the 7000 HUMANS MAP - unless you choose to keep them private.

Use your login-in details and password created when you registered, to access the submission forms below.

Submit your tree, commitment, question and an insight about participating in the 7000 HUMANS evolving 'connective practice' community and movement at any time.

7000 HUMANS is a co-created, global field of active will, deed and devotion.



Finding your tree partner /anchor place is an opportunity to create an anchor point for yourself in the world in dialogue with another living being and place.
Finding your Commitment is an opportunity to look with new eyes at something you are already doing or feel needs to be done - something personal, social, spiritual, political, ecological or all of these. It is a chance to look at how you have chosen to act in your life and the world, or might choose to act, and uncover this 'commitment' that drives and motivates this.
Finding your Question is an opportunity to think about the most important questions of our time, that you think need to be explored, and to share one of them. It could be a question that is related to a local place or situation, to the planet or wider society, to your own life, or to all of these.

Finding your tree partner /anchor place, your commitment and your question is an opportunity to be present in your life with new eyes and awareness.

Sharing our anchor points enables us to experience the luminous 'warmth web' created by these active anchor points and humans on the planet.

Making and sharing our commitments creates a field of powerful will forces that feeds into the humanosphere and amplifies the energies we have to shape a living future.

Uncovering, formulating and contributing questions that are vital to ones local situation, to the planet and to the society, brings new strands of awareness into the world, or strengthens similar questions that are already out there.

And now... there is a new category: INSIGHTS
Share one or more key insights that have arisen through participating in 7000 HUMANS> This could be about one of the questions, about any aspect of 7000 HMUANS or about the effects it has had on your actions and in your life. This also feeds into the shared substance that expands the experience of others and illuminates the community of travellers.

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