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7000 HUMANS | a global warmth-work process | in the eco-social field

Become one of the 7000 Humans.

Join us in this global action that stretches over a year, in sync with the sun cycles.

The 7000 HUMANS process unfolds in the four phases. Follow the links, listed below. Each page describes how to participate. The time spent in each phase can vary according to your capacity.

Phase 1


21 December Solstice. Registration begins.

Enter the Field / Answer the Call- The 7000 HUMANS process begins with a call to enter this global field of connective practice. Registration begins. Questions need to be shared by 1 June, but people can still register throughout the year. Some people become multipliers. Multipliers / inspirers reach out to their local and global networks. Find out more in THE FIELD, FAQs and the PARTICIPATE sections


21 March Equinox to the 21 June Solstice

Find your Tree/Anchor Point, Question and Commitment and ongoing Registration- After you register, you create an 'anchor point' on the planet with a tree partner, or 'a place' or in your mind's eye, and then share a COMMITMENT and a QUESTION. Being in this 'place' with another living being, or imagining a place that speaks to you, can help you find your commitment and question. Later in this phase participants select the 14 questions to work with in the 14 weeks of Phase 3. [See FAQs 2 & 25 if you can't partner with a tree]

Phase 3


21 June solstice until the 24 September [14 weeks]

Working with Questions / Assemblies- In local and global assemblies, online and on the ground, or individually in the soul, 14 chosen questions are explored simultaneously round the planet, one question a week, for 14 weeks. Working with imagination to follow a question brings new insights into the question and an awareness of new ways to think-together.

Phase 4


25 September until the 21 December Solstice

Making Social Honey- Working groups of participants, multipliers and partners - on the ground and online - reflect on the insights gathered in Phase 2 and in the Phase 3 local and global assemblies. They re-enter and share insights and experiences. This deepens future potential and helps new initiatives emerge and existing initiatives get stronger. They strengthen the 7000 HUMANS COMMONS POOL, which is part of the warmth-work and one of the 'outcomes' of the 7000 HUMANS.

7000 HUMANS | working with questions | making social honey| in the field of transformation


7000 HUMANS is a creative process - individually and with others - that connects inner work and outer action. It gives rise to new knowledge and insights, as new networks of inspiration and action emerge and grow. It is an opportunity to deepen existing activities and enable new ones to take shape.

SEE THE STEPS - at a glance here!

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