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Phase 4 [and transition to 7000 HUMANS 2.0] | September to December 2022

7000 HUMANS is an eco-social commons, and co-creating it is an eco-social act.

It is part of the gift economy and lives entirely through volunteering and contributions. In addition to your imaginative work, 7000 HUMANS invites other forms of engagement.

You can support 7000 HUMANS in many different ways with gifts, interests and capacities.

Genuine support is a loving, creative act that contributes to building the warmth-body 

7000 HUMANS creates opportunities to express gratitude for and become part of an experimental arena for pioneering experiments in interconnectedness.

As rain is needed to fill the lakes and streams so generosity is needed to fill the 7000 HUMANS COMMONS POOL

Become a contributor to the 7000 HUMANS COMMONS POOL and express your care for and commitment to supporting emergent initiatives for a living future.

Become an inspirer / multiplier by reaching out and inviting others to join us in the 7000 HUMANS field and who need you to support them in different ways, in this process

Become a co-worker and gift your skills, time and expertise, especially technical support for the online assemblies and for making podcasts, videos and other means of sharing the insights.

Become a partner and contribute to the growth of the warmth-body and the eco-social commons by showing your commitment to the common field that you, your group, your community, your project, your network, your organisation, your institution and 7000 HUMANS are part of.


7000 HUMANS is initiating a 7000 COMMONS POOL filled with your kindness.

7000 HUMANS is an eco-social commons. It is part of the gift economy and lives entirely through volunteering and contributions. 

The warmth body we are creating with the 7000 HUMANS manifests on one level as a pool of sustenance. Like rain it gathers to support the 7000 HUMANS and emerging future initiatives. It is a very special kind of rain - it is the rain of love that comes from the abundance of the heart.

We hope you are inspired to contribute to the 7000 HUMANS COMMONS POOL with whatever is in your means. You can contribute using the SEND GIFT/DONATE button below. This takes you directly to our bank. Once you've contributed, you can leave us a message using the SUPPORT button below. On this same SUPPORT FORM you can also tell us if you want to be officially linked to 7000 HUMANS as a partner.

TRANSPARENCY - We will make transparent all that comes into the COMMONS POOL and all that it sustains.  Once we have paid for our web-platform and related coordination costs, all remaining funds will be used to support initiatives related to the 7000 HUMANS field.

7000 HUMANS - although it is a large scale global initiative - works primarily with volunteers and minimal means and has a very reduced self-funding administration.  



As an inspirer / multiplier you reach out to individuals and groups, inviting them to join us in 7000 HUMANS field. You are their intermediary, a kind of ‘de-coder’, to support them in different ways, in this process.

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